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For questions or support, use this address:
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We will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
Before getting in contact, please check the reading below in case your query is already answered there.

What sort of music does this label offer?
  The music of Cloud Hunter Records is centrally ambient in nature.
Ambient music is designed to be non-distracting, and is usually very quiet, absent of vocals or any
kind of traditional or conventional song structure. It is particularly suited for creating dense and moody atmospheres.
Each new release is different from the last, encompassing a certain theme or concept.
A brief description of each album is presented on their respective pages of this website, accompanied by
a link to its respective page on Bandcamp where previews can be heard and orders can be arranged.

Where can I buy your music?
As of 2014, Cloud Hunter Records releases are all sold through Bandcamp.
Digital downloads of all albums are available, though listeners are encouraged to purchase a physical CD product,
usually at a suitable and agreeable price.

  Can I use your music in a presentation/school project/short film?
Please contact Cloud Hunter Records to discuss such matters.
Cloud Hunter Records is always interested to see how others interpret the music.
Please be aware that some music is freely available under a Creative Commons License, but some is not.
Always check the license. If in doubt, please contact us.

Who makes the artwork for your releases?
All CD artwork is usually produced by Cloud Hunter Records.
Any exceptions will be specified where appropriate.

Is there a fan page/website for your music?
You will find an official Facebook page here.

What happened to The Human Catalyst CDs?
The Human Catalyst CDs are no longer listed on the website, which now focuses on the more recent
ambient music of The Great Schizm.

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